Friday, August 19, 2011

TC Electronic RH750

The RH750 Head

With the introduction of the RH750, the price of the RH450 has dropped making the original Rebel head a very compelling purchase option. However, given the increased power and identical-to-the-Blacksmith improvements to the controls and user-interface, the RH750 strikes the best balance of power-to-weight, features and convenience in the entire TC Bass 2.0 lineup. Can you say "product positioning? In my humble opinion, the RH750 wins the amp of the decade award and is tops in the list of amplifiers that I would recommend!

Well yes, they're both black, but what are the differences between the Blacksmith and the RH750? The main difference is obviously power. The RH750 delivers about half the power (750w into 4ohms), which should be sufficient for any scenario, excepting perhaps larger stadiums without PA support. Size and weight are also a factor with the RH750 being identical to the RH450 in terms of size, weight and therefore convenience. The Blacksmith is handmade in Denmark while the RH750 is made on a production line in Thailand. Apart from some other minor differences like the upgraded cooling, white LEDs instead of red and a power switch on the front panel, both the RH750 and Blacksmith offer identical features.

RH750's main features include:
  • Power - 750 watts (1200 watts peak) *,
  • Presets - 3 user-defined presets,
  • SpectraComp™ - Multi-band compression,
  • TubeTone™ - excellent tube preamp and tube power amp emulation,
  • On-board chromatic tuner,
  • 4-band EQ - Semi-parametric Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid and Treble,
  • TweeterTone™ - Front panel tweeter level control,
  • Transformer balanced Studio grade Line driver output,
  • AES/EBU, digital output.
I would love to have more opportunities to put the Blacksmith to use, but the reality is that the RH750 is my number one "working amp". In that regard it performs flawlessly!

* Refer to the post on TC Electronics power ratings.