Sunday, June 18, 2006

Compulsive Gear-a-holic

Bass Gear

So far I've only managed to cover a few of my basses and amps. I'll be posting more information here when time permits.

Please stay tuned

In closing...
I thought it appropriate to add a few words in closing about gear and personal taste. I think that it's important for us all to recognise that we're searching for our personal sound. When you're reading my posts and opinions, and before you get carried away enough by my enthusiastic descriptions to spend a LOT of money on gear, you need to remind yourself that these are all my opinions and that as such they may not work perfectly for you.

For example: some folks love the agression and bark of SWR's beryllium-domed tweeters. If you do, you will probably find the cabinets that I prefer just a little bit too polite over the high frequencies. This is where all the descriptive adjectives inevitably break down, because the common frame of reference we share here isn't precise.

The solution is simple... use the opinions of others as a general guideline only. Always try every piece of gear out before you spend your money and let your own ears be your guide.

Lastly, I'll share something that has taken me many years to come to terms with personally. It is true of every great bassplayer that I have had the opportunity to hear in person , or to talk to first hand or even to just jam with. This is the great secret that other musicians willingly share quite freely; that is nearly always ignored or shrugged off and it's the one truth that you will always come back to.

Their tone comes from their fingers.

If you practice often, work hard and always have fun then the equipment will, as it should, be secondary to the music you're making. No amount of money can buy what you REALLY need to be a great bassplayer. So pick up that dusty instrument and "kick out the jams".