Saturday, June 24, 2006

Big Aggie Power

Aguilar DB750

Aguilar Amplification set the bassplaying world on it's ear when it introduced the DB750 hybrid amplifier. If you want massive and reliable solid state power combined with the same wonderful tube front-end provided by their groundbreaking DB659 preamp, then this is the beast for you.

Like the DB680 and DB728, this amp is incredibly overbuilt and precisely engineered as reflected by the hefty pricetag. Nonetheless, if you want a bass "head" (preamp and poweramp combined) you ought to be doing yourself a favour by considering this amp. It's one of the finest bassamps ever made.

While I often opt for the added flexibility afforded me by the Millennia / Crest combination, if I want a "set it and forget it" amplifier I take the DB750. It's safe to say that you can't get a bad sound out of this amplifier and if you need more volume than the DB750 can provide then you are simply far TOO LOUD. This is an amplifier with simply massive output power and tons of earthy Aguilar tone.

The DB750 offers a wonderful compliment of features including selectable serial/parallel effects loops. transformer-coupled DI output, shelving-type tone controls and a very high-tech protection circuit that runs fault diagnostics every time you turn on the amp. I give this amplifier top marks.