Friday, June 23, 2006

1965 Fender Showman

Showman Amp

This is a 1965 Fender Showman paired up with two JBL D140F speakers. Lord knows this amp is due for a cap job by now, but it is in it's original state and sounds absolutely fantastic. There's something about the combination of a Showman, the JBLs and a good old Precision bass (my '62 shown) that sounds so good. Nothing blends with a Hammond B3 with Leslie and a good old Strat or Les Paul so beatifully as this combination.

If you know your vintage gear and have a good eye you've probably noticed something about the cabinet. It's about halfway between the small and large Showman cabinets in size. The dimensions seem to indicate that it is the Bassman 2x15". I was unaware that these were offered prior to the CBS drop-metal-edge era, but here it is, perhaps a transition model. I purchased the cabinet empty and loaded the two JBL D140F speakers which came out of David Gates' old tuck'n'roll Kustom amp. Remember him? Bread? If you're like me perhaps you'd rather forget. ;-0 Just kidding, David.